Call Him "Mayor Claar"

August 16, 2016
By Sandra Claar
I don't even know what all to say, much less where to begin, on the past few days since arriving back in ATL..

I am really considering starting a blog focusing on Trevor, his injury, his road towards recovery, the emotional rollercoaster we all have been on, and continue to be, and the amazing people we've come to know along the way. Another hope for this so-called "blog" lies within bringing about more awareness, not only to spinal cord injuries and their subsequent recoveries, but also within the realization that the simplest things in life, those that we so readily do and that bring us an abundance of joy, can, in an instant, change our lives forever... I feel with doing so it may help me lay-out, understand, and come to terms with my own feelings and emotions on a day-by-day, sometimes even minute-by-minute, basis. Who knows, maybe one day it could bring a smile, or a tear, to someone who needs it while experiencing a situation similar to Trevor's, down the road...

With that being said, and talking about someone's story bringing a smile AND a tear to someone else, today I heard the BEST speech/poem of my life...

Another patient here at the Shepherd Center, Will, that had a very similar injury to Trevor's, graduated today and passed something very special along to Trevor, aside from his friendship that he so freely encompassed my brother with the moment he arrived.

Will has been the "Mayor" of the 5th floor here at the Shepherd Center for some time now, welcoming, befriending, encouraging, and supporting each new patient that arrives and showing them how big of a family they all quickly become to one another. Today, in his speech, he announced that he is passing this responsibly to TREVOR....

I think this, alone, speaks VOLUMES to the person our Trevor is and the amazing soul he contains within... Trevor is honored by Will's belief in him and wants now, more than ever, to overcome all of the medical setbacks he's experienced so he can continue in Will's footsteps and be someone's light on a dark day, as Will has been to Trevor (and MANY others).

I have a video of Will's amazing (and joyfully tearjerking) speech and will share tomorrow. In the meantime, Will, should you somehow see this, know how amazing we know you are, how HAPPY we are for your success in your rehabilitation, and how grateful we are to you for being there for our Trevor during a time he needed it most! We are wishing you nothing but the VERY best in the next chapter of your life! 💙

Pictured above, see Will passing down his "Mayor" hat to Trevor, and Trevor's surprised, but grateful, smile in return! 💙

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