29 Sept 2016

Sandra Claar

Thursday, September 29, 2016
  1. 1 Nov 2016
    01 Nov, 2016
    1 Nov 2016
    In case you're needing a little something to lift your spirits this evening!! Bubba teaching Carsyn how to drive the chair about a week ago (see video below)!!!! It's so reassuring to see, within an ever-changing world, that some things never change! From bicycles, power-wheels, 3-wheelers, I'm sure possibly even VEHICLES (that I, of course, am unaware of because there are some secrets that a mom and big sis should never know haha), to the latest way of transportation, Bubba has ALWAYS been the
  2. 19 Oct 2016
    19 Oct, 2016
    19 Oct 2016
    In case you are needing a little break from all of the bashing this debate contains, yet once again, let me provide you with a little relief for a moment! Trevor is just doing so amazing.. so much that he is GRADUATING from his in-patient SCI rehab TOMORROW and, arguably even more exciting, he has now been accepted into the Day-Program at the Shepherd Center due to all of his recent accomplishments!!!!!!!! I cannot tell you how excited this news and this next HUGE step along his road of
  3. 15 Sept 2016
    15 Sep, 2016
    15 Sept 2016
    We are SOOOOOO excited and JOYOUS to share with you all that Trevor got out of surgery about 25 minutes ago and that his diaphragm responded and took to the stimulation of the DPS IMMEDIATELY, like a bee to honey!! Immediately after the stimulation and response, Trevor's team held off on reattaching the ventilator for a few moments... In these tiny little moments, Trevor managed to take his FIRST BREATHS, ON HIS OWN, in months..... and his vital capacity was measured and read 750- seconds after
  4. 14 Sept 2016
    14 Sep, 2016
    14 Sept 2016
    The following is a long overdue update on Trevor! Trev has fought off all infections and is finally infection, antibiotic, and IV cart free! As previously mentioned, Trevor is no longer required to wear his neck brace and is continuing to strengthen his neck muscles for a broader spectrum of mobility of his head and neck. Trevor had his very first therapy session, a few days after finally leaving ICU, on August 1st. A little over 3 weeks ago he made the decision to wean himself from receiving