Oyster Roast Fundraiser

Saturday, November 5th

This event wouldn't be possible without the helping hands and kindness of the community. We are doing volunteer shifts in two-hour time slots. Please visit the link below to reserve a time that works best for you to volunteer in being a part of this Saturday's main event in supporting Trevor!


As a token of our appreciation for your volunteering and support, please note the following:

TWO HOUR SHIFT - You get a #TREVITUP Bracelet
FOUR HOUR SHIFT - You get a #TREVITUP Bracelet and you'll get dinner on us!
SIX HOUR SHIFT - You get a #TREVITUP Bracelet, dinner and a VOLUNTEER T-SHIRT!

There will be an OPTIONAL VOLUNTEER ORIENTATION at HARPOON LARRY's NOVEMBER 2 at 6:00pm for t-shirt distribution and volunteer assignments.

Volunteer Job Descriptions:
Event Set Up/Breakdown - Tables, Chairs, Decorating, Tents, Electricity, Trash Cans - setting the stage for a full day event and then taking it all down at the end of the night.
Cornhole - Help register tournament participants and then keep participants on top of their time slots for next round. Run information and announcements to Stage and DJ.
Host/Hostess - Help greet folks as they arrive, tell them what's going on, where everything is and how the Raffle/Auction works.
Backstage - Help keep entertainment rolling, follow schedule, assist band members if necessary, take information from Cornhole and Auction runners to DJ/Band for announcements.
Info Table - Be the happy face of help throughout the day, also the check in spot for volunteers.
Beer Trailer and Wine Bar - Must be over 21, pour drinks and ensure all have wristbands per ABC laws.
Floater - Be available to help out as needed, where needed.
Ticket Sales - Lots to sell and lots of info to share. Sell food and drink tickets, sell raffle tickets, check all ID's and distribute wrist bands.
Roaming Ticket Sales - Walk throughout event site, sell raffle tickets - energize the crowd.
Prize Tent/Silent Auction - Help with raffle ticket sales/questions; drum up interest and bidding on Auction items.